Hi I'm NINA ROYLE. I'm graduate art student from London England. I'm at Jojakko-ji temple today to explain to you how to get here from Kyoto Station. I'm now at the main gate of Kyoto Station and am about to get on the train to Saga Arashiyama. To get to Saga Arashiyama,you must take the Sagano Line train from either platform number 32 or 33. From Kyoto Station to Saga Arashiyama, the train takes around 20 minutes. Once you have arrived at Saga Arashiyama, turn right out of the station.

Follow the small pathpast the bicycle rental shop, towards the main road.This will take several minutes. At the main road turn left, walk 50 paces and take the first turn on your right. Follow this road, it will lead you towards the bamboo street. The soaring, densely packed bamboos that line this street create an atmosphere that is unmistakably one of the most timeless and beautiful in Kyoto.

When you have walked to the end of the bamboo street, turn right. The path will slope gently down. And the bottom a pond will become visible on your left hand side. At this point you are just a few minutes away from Jojakko-ji temple. Walk straight along the path by the pond. At the end of this path, you will see the main gate of Jojakko-ji temple.

I hope you enjoy your time at Jojakko-ji and that my directions will help you to find your way here.